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Bid Requests

RFP #01-18

The Town of Esto, Florida is issuing a Request for Proposal for Municipal Potable Water Well Repairs. The Scope of Work for each well is as followis:


Well 2 Scope of Work

  1. Replace all 4” piping inside hydropneumatic tank building starting with the elbow just outside the building to the hydro tank wall. Ductile iron piping shall be used as replacement pipe material and shall include all flanges, elbows and hardware required to complete the job.  Join new pipe upstream of tank wall so that tank-to-pipe welds are not altered or disturbed.  A flange shall be welded to the steel pipe to join to a ductile iron 90 elbow flange.
  2. Install two new 4” hand wheel gate valves to replace existing quarter turn valves.
  3. Paint new piping.
  4. Replace 4” flowmeter with 4” Water Specialties by McCrometer meter designed for a flow range of 300-400 gpm.
  5. Install sodium hypochlorite injection point downstream of flowmeter and upstream of the hydro tank.
  6. Haul off all scrap materials and waste. Clean up job site.
  7. Provide a report of improvements to the Town.


Well 3 Scope of Work


  1. Replace flowmeter head assembly with new 6” Water Specialties by McCrometer head assembly. Existing S/N 96-7795-8.
  2. Perform specific capacity test on well.
  3. Remove roof over well.
  4. Remove existing vertical turbine motor and discharge head.
  5. Pull 170 ft of 6” column pipe assembly and 25 hp pump.
  6. Perform video inspection of total depth of well (441’) using a 360-degree capable camera. Provide a copy of the video to the Town.
  7. Perform a well rehabilitation. Brush the entire length of casing, liner, and screen, acidize the entire length of screen, reverse air.
    1. Casing interval: 12” from 0 – 200 ft BLS
    2. Liner & Screen interval: 200 – 441 BLS (See Figure 9)
  8. Perform a post-rehab video inspection of the well. Provide a copy of the video to the Town.
  9. Disinfect the well.
  10. Install new Simmons 6” SP9L 6-stage pump.
    1. 25 hp; 225 gpm; 300 ft TDH; 1760 RPM; water lube
    2. Dynamically balance impellers
    3. Stainless steel collets and hardware package
  11. Install 190 ft of new column assembly (lower pump 20 ft)
    1. All new 6” .280 wall column; all new 1” 416 stainless steel shaft and couplings; all new retainers; all new rubber inserts
  12. Install new 10 ft tail pipe.
  13. New 6” stainless steel cone strainer.
  14. Sandblast and paint discharge head.
    1. Rebuild packing box including sandblasting and painting.
    2. Install new altitude gauge and air line.
  15. Install new 416 stainless steel 1” headshaft with ket and nut
  16. Reinstall existing motor.
  17. Pump off chlorinated water; perform pump step test; perform well specific capacity test.
  18. Remove waste materials from the jobsite.  Clean up the jobsite.  Re-attach roof over well. 
  19. Provide a report of well improvements to the Town.


Proposals may be mailed to Esto Town Hall, 3312 Second Ave. South, Esto, Florida 32425, or electronically submitted to [email protected] Questions may be directed to the Town of Esto at 850-263-6521. The Town of Esto Florida is an Equal Opportunity, drug free workplace.  Proposals will be accepted until noon CST, January 16, 2018. Proposals received after closing but postmarked prior to this date will be accepted.