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Town of Esto, Florida

December 03, 2018



I.             PURPOSE:
A.            The Town of Esto, in accordance with 2 CFR 200, Rule 73c-23, and applicable Florida Statutes is requesting proposals from qualified individuals or firms to provide professional administrative and management services relative to implementation of the Town’s proposed FFY 2017 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Neighborhood Revitalization Project.
B.            The project will consist of the construction of replacement water lines along Highway 79 from John Clark Road to 3rd Avenue South; refurbishment of elevated and pressurized water tanks; and upgrade to wells number two and three to benefit Low to Moderate Income families. Estimated budget for the CDBG-funded project is $600,000 which will include construction, engineering, and administration.  Since the project will be a Neighborhood Revitalization type project, include all experience previous with the proposed construction activities.  Interested firms are encouraged to review the pending CDBG application document available at Town Hall during normal business hours for a more detailed description of the proposed project.
A.            The individual or firm selected shall be required to provide professional administrative and management services whose level and scope will be determined by the Town of Esto.  Specific administrative services required shall include, but not be limited to:
1.            Assist the Town in meeting financial, administrative, and bookkeeping requirements of the program, including preparation of drawdown requests.
2.            Assist the Town in meeting the record keeping requirements of the program, including the establishment and maintenance of an acceptable filing system.
3.            Assist the Town in contract administration and monitoring requirements of the program, including enforcement of compliance requirements.
4.            Furnish the Town with forms necessary for the implementation of project activities included in the approved application.
5.            Act as a liaison between the Town, the project engineer, and the Construction Contractor(s), and Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) to ensure an efficient, smoothly managed program.
6.            Prepare any program amendments as necessary during the duration of the project.
7.            Prepare and coordinate the submission of the appropriate documents to DEO for program close-out and completion.
1.            Proposers are advised that the capacity to initiate and coordinate all administrative services in a timely and efficient manner is a significant factor. The offerer chosen must be prepared to commence the administration and coordination of project activities immediately upon the execution of a contractual agreement between the Town and the firm (individual) selected.
2.            Proposers who cannot meet this project schedule will be automatically eliminated from further consideration.

A.            The Town of Esto intends to negotiate a firm fixed fee contract or “cost not to exceed” type contract for all services herein requested.
B.            All proposers’ qualifications will be evaluated and the most qualified administrative proposer selected.
A.            All proposals must be submitted in writing by 11:00 A.M. on December 03, 2018, to receive consideration. Proposers mailing their proposals should allow normal delivery time to ensure receipt of their proposals by the Town of Esto.  Proposals should be addressed to: Teresa Harrison, Mayor, Town of Esto, 3312 2nd Avenue South, Esto, Florida 32425 or hand-delivered to Town Hall, at the address noted prior above prior to the submission deadline.
B.            All proposals must be sealed and clearly marked on the outside “FFY 2017 CDBG Project Administration Proposal”, with the proposer’s name and address. Proposals should be submitted in an original and seven copies.
C.           Questions concerning the “RFP” should be directed to Ms. Yvonee Hagans, Town Clerk @ (850) 263-6521.  Proposers not selected will be promptly notified.
A.            All proposals must be submitted in accordance with the instructions outlined herein to receive consideration.  Any proposer submitting inadequate, incorrect, or incomplete information may not receive consideration.  Proposals should be brief and to the point. The Town of Esto reserves the right to waive irregularities in the proposal, reject any and all proposals and to request additional information from proposers if deemed necessary.
B.            Letter of Transmittal:  The proposer shall submit a “Letter of Transmittal” which shall as a minimum contain the following:
1.            State the location of the office from which the work is to be accomplished.
2.            Describe the firm’s general qualifications and the range of activities performed by the firm.
3.            Briefly state the proposer’s familiarity with the needs and conditions existing in the Town of Esto as well as their knowledge of the proposed project.
4.            Indicate if personnel of the proposer have previously developed and/or administered any CDBG or similar grant projects for the Town of Esto and/or for other jurisdictions.
5.            Certify that the proposer will provide professional guidance to the Town relative to compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
6.            Indicate if your firm is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise.
7.            Provide any additional information that the proposer feels is essential to their proposal.
8.            State that the person signing the “letter of transmittal” is authorized to bind the proposer.

C.           All proposals shall include each of the following attachments:

1.            Attachment A:  Indicate why the proposer feels uniquely qualified to undertake the required program administration and management services.
2.            Attachment B: Describe the technical approach to be taken in addressing the scope of work, including a delineation of specific tasks to be undertaken.
3.            Attachment C:  Describe the work management plan to be utilized by the proposer. The description should include a project schedule showing estimated start and completion dates of all major tasks and individuals responsible for implementation and completion of said tasks. Identify all persons to be assigned to this project and outline the nature of their responsibilities.  Include a description of relevant work experience for each person assigned to this project.
4.            Attachment D: Identify the total number of CDBG projects that the proposer developed and/or administered. Present a cumulative total of projects as well as dollar amount of grant assistance in which personnel of the proposer were instrumental in the development of the application and/or administration of the program following funding approval.   Include the names and phone numbers of the jurisdiction’s contact person.
5.            Attachment E: Identify other areas of consulting expertise provided by the proposer and not referenced previously.
6.            Attachment F:  It is the intent of the Town of Esto to evaluate the qualifications of all proposers and select the offerer whose proposal is deemed most advantageous to the Town. Under this attachment, the proposer shall indicate the lump sum, percentage, or hourly rate fee for the proposed service and breakdown of the costs associated therewith. The DEO approved budget and contracted administrative costs; by similar entities, for similar type projects shall serve as the parameter for administrative fees.  Furthermore, the proposer shall certify that to the best of their knowledge and belief all the information herein submitted for consideration and evaluation is true, correct, and accurate.
All proposals received shall be evaluated utilizing the following criteria and scoring:


Criteria for selection of grant administrative services are:


Firm’s experience with the Community Development Block Grant  program                        15 points

Management Plan                                                                                                               15 points

Ability to devote the needed time to the project based on current workload             15 points

Availability of adequate personnel and technology                                                      15 points

Previous Experience in CDBG  Development projects                                                 15 points

Firm’s reputation and competence including education, training and quality of work          15 points

Proposed fee                                                                                                                          5 points

MBE or WBE Business                                                                                                        5 points


TOTAL                                                                                                                           100