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Job Opening: Town Manager / Public Works Director

We are hiring! Join our team!

Position Overview

The Town of Esto, Florida, invites applications for the position of Town Manager / Public Works Director. This role is pivotal in overseeing various town operations, including human resources, public works, office management, and public relations.


  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in Public Works or Civic Services.
  • Reside within 5 miles of Esto town limits.
  • High School diploma or GED equivalent.

Salary and Benefits

  • Hourly Rate: $17/hour
  • Weekly Hours: 35 hours + on call for emergencies
  • Generous Benefits Package:
    • Monthly insurance reimbursement
    • More than 5 weeks of PTO/sick leave each year


Human Resources

  • Manage employee hours, approve payroll, sick leave, and PTO.
  • Act as a substitute when employees are absent from their positions.
  • Conduct interviews, in coordination with a council member, for new positions and approve hires.
  • Report workplace accidents and safety issues.
  • Conduct yearly performance reviews.
  • Address discipline issues and handle terminations.

Public Works

  • Collaborate closely with public works members to accomplish council goals.
  • Maintain town property and roadways.
  • Schedule repairs for equipment and oversee maintenance activities.
  • Manage the water system in coordination with a certified operator.
  • Approve and assist with repairs on water service lines.
  • Support public works employees on council-directed projects.

Office and Public Relations

  • Assist the clerk in creating an annual budget.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations alongside the clerk.
  • Represent the town at various events and coordinate with town staff.
  • Address public concerns and resolve issues directly.
  • Attend regular County Commissioners meetings.
  • Provide monthly status reports to the council.
  • Work with council members to achieve long-term improvement goals.

How to Apply

Applications are available at the Esto Town Hall or by calling 850-263-6521.

Join us in making a positive impact on the community of Esto, Florida. Apply today and become an integral part of our team!

The Town of Esto is an Equal Opportunity Employer.